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Whether you want to find out more about the entire olive-growing process, from breeding to processing or to learn how to taste olive oil professionally, we offer guided visits to our farm as well as special tasting and education sessions in the historic setting of the old oil mill.

Guided visits

Guided visits to our farm are arranged by appointment throughout the year for both individuals and groups of up to 40 people. During the tour, guests have the opportunity to get acquainted with all the workings of the olive grove - from breeding and sorting to processing and harvesting, as well as storage methods. The presentation covers both methods of processing, the traditional one used at the old oil mill from 1927 and the modern method using the latest technologies. Our tour begins with our Queen, the majestic 400-year old female Buža olive tree growing in front of the olive mill. The most interesting times to visit are at harvest time and during the olive processing when guests can experience the lavishness of the fruits and revel in the intense aroma of freshly-pressed olive oil.

Tasting and education

Tastings are held in the ​​old olive mill where guests can enjoy the historic ambience of the renovated olive processing facility from 1927. Guests wanting to delve further into the world of extra virgin olive oil can learn specific terms related to olive oil production and understand how to properly taste olive oil. After explaining what the organoleptic properties of each particular variety are, we teach our guests to perform a sensory analysis of each of our three extra virgin oils, just like real professionals do. Finally, we recommend how our guests might use each olive oil to get the best results and how to pair each particular oil with foods to experience greater satisfaction.

Variations, prices and tasting schedules can all be arranged and booked in advance. Simply get in touch with us via email if you have any questions or would like to find out more about any aspect of our olive oil production.

Showroom - Museum

Located in the original space of an old oil mill with a fully preserved olive processing plant from 1927, entering our tasting hall and showroom is like stepping back into history. Carefully restored stone mills, presses, hydraulic pumps and other parts of the old plant are still impressive today, making any visit to this area an extra special experience.

Working hours

June / July / August:

Monday - Saturday  09:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

May / September:

Monday - Saturday  09:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Closed on Sundays

Rest of the year: by appointment