About us

Live for olive growing

Born in a land which since time immemorial has been the epicentre of oil production, Emanuel comes from a long line of olive growers. Like his father and his grandfather before him, he has a passion for olive growing coursing through his veins. So it was no surprise that as soon as Emanuel finished his education, he began renovating the old family olive grove. Some of the trees here go back as far as 400 years, alongside them we planted a new olive grove for the future. And now as the future has become the present, we are seeing the magnificent fruits they yield.

We grow as many olives as we can handle by ourselves. We want to remain small so that our passion for olive growing will always produce excellence. In our boutique oil mill, we process other people's olives with equal care and love, always producing top quality oils. This is the only way it can be for us because although we are young, we have the soul of an ancient and historic olive grower who thrives on the tradition of olive growing in Istria.