Continuous top quality

Over the years, our oils have received numerous awards and prizes, both here and abroad. In 2018, we received Gourmet Or, the gold medal for Buža olive oil in the Fruité Vert Léger category which was awarded at the 16th International "Les Huiles du Monde" (Oils of the World) Competition organised by AVPA Paris.

Since 2014, the Michelin "Le Guide Vert Croatie" editions for the French market have listed our extra virgin olive oils among the best in the world.

Their excellence had already been recognised in 2007 by "L'extravergine", an Italian guide for extra virgin oils (later "Flos Olei"). Since then, our oils have regularly featured among the top 500 in the world. In the same year, 2007, our extra virgin olive oils were also recommended by the gastro-guide "Slow Food".