Harvesting olives

Choosing the right moment

One of the best-kept secrets of olive growers is knowing the right time to harvest. This depends on a number of factors, such as the type of olive tree and microclimates, as well as current weather conditions. Our family starts harvesting olives at the early stage of maturity, towards the latter half of September. First the males and then the females of Buža olive trees, followed by the varieties of Puntoža and finally Rošinjola, before the harvest finishes in mid-October. Early olive harvests result in smaller amounts (5 - 8% obtained from Buža variety), but the oil is of superior quality with a harmonious taste and full of freshness.

The olive harvest is conducted exclusively by hand and is done very carefully so as no trees or fruit are damaged. We pay particular attention to the transportation of our olives which is why we use smaller vessels to ensure they are not crushed or bruised. All this needs to be done quickly, skilfully and in an efficient manner so that the olives reach the mill in less than 4 hours of being picked. Yet, despite the stress and the strain, this grand finale to a year of hard work is a pure pleasure for us.