Grubić Buža - The best of Istrian olive growing

The colloquial name, Buža actually refers to three similar, yet different Istrian autochthonous varieties: the female and male variety of Buža, and also the sub-variety, Puntoža. Since they represent the best of olive-growing in Istria, we have created a unique coupage (blending) which personifies the very essence of the Istrian Buža.

Buža is a superb oil with a defined and rounded aroma, rich with elegant verdant notes, ranging from chicory and conifer to mint and basil, combined with the fresh perfume of spring grass. Its taste is sophisticated and complex, with characteristic hints of green tomatoes, white apples, almonds and black pepper. Somewhat stronger pungency and moderate bitterness swell together in a characteristic and harmonious relationship to make this a uniquely universal oil which easily combines with everything.