Production process

Natural extra virgin - the elixir of life

The fruit born by the olive tree is so gentle and delicate that olive oil producers must possess something more than just knowledge and experience, in a way they are modern day alchemists extracting the elixir of life from the gift of nature. At its finest olive oil may be 99 % oil, but the remaining 1 % is pure magic.

To preserve this magic, our specially designed Pieralisi plant has been fitted with certain innovations based on our family's long history of working with olives. These include the possibility to manually perform all steps in the production process if needed - because we know it's the details that make the difference.

When brought to the olive mill for processing, the olives are still alive. They are crushed into a paste by a hammer mill and mixed while continuously cooled. After this, the oil is extracted via centrifugation. No further filtration is required, but the preserved valuable substances pass directly into the stainless steel tanks. The whole process takes place slowly, at a controlled temperature (up to 24 ° C). The extracted extra virgin olive oil is then stored and kept at an optimum temperature of 16 - 18 ° C.