Grubić Rošinjola - The wild signorina

With its dense, impenetrable canopy requiring regular pruning, Rošinjola has always been considered the wild signorina of the Istrian olive groves. However, its dense foliage promotes more profuse flowering, making additional pollination unnecessary. With her predilection for the sea air, but not the cold, Rošinjola produces abundant fruit every year. But due to the smaller fruit size, it is often more difficult to harvest.

Rošinjola produces a unique oil with a defined and intense aroma, rich with elegant fruity tones and green tomato, white apple and sweet almond. Its complex flavour is well-rounded with marked notes of chicory, artichoke and thistle with a touch of aromatic mint, basil and black pepper. The emphasised bitterness and intense pungency make this a powerful oil which pairs perfectly with "strong dishes".