Grubić Vallea - Gentle Prima Donna

With its imposing tree and large fruits, the female variety of Buža olive trees is the true Prima Donna of Istrian olive groves, yet while she may be demanding and sensitive, she always yields great results. In our olive groves, as well as the new crop of the female Buža, we also have around 200 trees which are over 400 years old, which we treat with great respect and cultivate with extra special care. Our limited extra virgin olive oil, Vallea comes exclusively from the fruits of these ancient trees of the Istrian Prima Donna.

Vallea is a fresh and harmonious oil with a distinctive scent and flavour. It has a pure and rounded aroma with a prevalent apple scent, bringing to life the true Mediterranean garden. This is combined with a few extra choice notes, like mint, basil, rosemary, almond and black pepper, together with the perfume of grass and leaves to give it an unmistakable note of freshness. Its flavour is sophisticated and complex, while at the same time harmonious and just a little spicy, boasting a touch of radicchio, chicory and artichoke. This beautiful oil is so gentle, harmonious and aromatic that it goes well with vanilla ice cream.